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Why Biden’s labor agreements rule is a huge win for New Jersey

Author: Cyndie Williams     Posted On: 01/16/2024
President Biden has recently taken another big swing to support workers by issuing a final rule that requires project labor agreements (PLAs) on federal construction projects costing more than $35 million.

Large Projects Will Go To Brick Companies

Author: Jersey Shore Online     Posted On: 11/08/2023
BRICK – All future public construction projects undertaken by the township and exceeding $5 million will go to Brick residents since the governing body passed a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) during a recent Township Council Meeting.

Prince George’s County Council bill aims to lessen unemployment rate, support workers

Author: The Diamondback     Posted On: 11/08/2023
Members of the Prince George’s County Council proposed a bill that would require project labor agreements to be added to all county-funded construction projects over $35 million in an effort to support trade workers in the county.

The power of Project Labor Agreements: Two more win-win deals for workers and communities

Author: Patty Grant     Posted On: 10/25/2023
This week, the Prince George’s County Board of Education voted to require a Project Labor Agreement for the second phase of an ambitious school construction program.

How Project Labor Agreements and Community Workforce Agreements Are Good for the Biden Administration’s Investment Agenda

Author: Center for American Progress     Posted On: 07/31/2023
PLAs and CWAs are powerful tools that help ensure federal investments are completed on time and on budget by well-qualified workers; support long-term labor stability

Why Project Labor Agreements Benefit Parsippany

Author: Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters     Posted On: 10/07/2022
The Township of Parsippany is actively taking steps to ensure that construction projects in the community are supporting local workers and providing the best return on investment for taxpayers. They are doing this using Project Labor Agreements (PLAs). PLAs are transparent, agreed upon contracts that provide stability and structure on large scale construction projects. A PLA is an agreement between the owner of a project and the contractor that lays out both parties’ responsibilities on a particular construction project to ensure that the project runs smoothly and ultimately does not cost taxpayers additional dollars.

Project Labor Agreements: A Winning Formula for Parsippany Construction Projects

Author: Carpenter Contractor Trust     Posted On: 10/04/2022
Project Labor Agreements (PLA) bring order and specific responsibility to public construction projects. PLAs are binding agreements that call for collective bargaining between labor and contractors. In addition, they define the terms and conditions applicable to all workers – union and nonunion — on public construction projects.

Project Labor Agreements: The Inside Track to Responsible Development and Higher Profits

Author: Carpenter Contractor Trust     Posted On: 09/27/2021
What management policy attracts reliable talent, ensures meeting your project deadline, reduces conflict and boosts your bottom line? Consider a project labor agreement (PLA).

Sweeney-Scutari NJ Bill Extends Project Labor Agreements

Author: Insider New Jersey     Posted On: 09/23/2021
Trenton – The NJ Senate approved legislation sponsored by Senate President Steve Sweeney and Senator Nick Scutari that would extend the use of project labor agreements

Project Labor Agreements - The Best Approach For Industry

Author: AFL-CIO     Posted On: 09/23/2021
Building and construction trades workers are one of the hardest hit groups in the nation’s job crisis, they need PLA's.

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