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Project Labor Agreements: The Inside Track to Responsible Development and Higher Profits
Published: 09/27/2021     Author: Carpenter Contractor Trust

What management policy attracts reliable talent, ensures meeting your project deadline, reduces conflict and boosts your bottom line? Consider a project labor agreement (PLA).

PLAs are binding agreements that bring order and specific responsibility to public construction projects that call for collective bargaining between labor and contractors, outlining specific responsibilities. They define the terms and conditions applicable to all workers — union and nonunion — while ensuring compliance with workplace safety and health laws, wage protection and equal opportunity.

PLAs deliver:

Stability and Predictability. PLAs add order by defining each contractor and craft worker's responsibility. They address labor issues, designate cost standards, prevent shutdowns and are mindful of maintaining completion schedule. PLAs provide coordination and leadership while acting as a mediator in preventing any disputes from happening.

Diversity and Local Jobs

Nothing helps a project gain allies with public officials and the community at-large more than workers that are local constituents. PLAs can vigorously encourage hiring from small businesses, minority contractors and local workers while emphasizing government-required safety training.

Training and Advancement

Contractors want the most highly skilled, well-trained worker available. PLAs pay dividends by preventing costly errors and accidents because of their emphasis on training. Union carpenters, for example, spend a minimum of four years with in-class and real-work experience before becoming a journeyman.

PLA's core value is transparency. Anyone can review it — municipal officials, organizations, construction companies and the general public — to assess whether the agreement is fair and makes sound business sense. Indeed, it raises the obvious question of why anyone would not support a PLA.

It remains the fairest, most transparent and productive approach to conducting business in the construction industry while benefiting taxpayers, municipalities, construction businesses, and workers.

Wind Creek PLA Project Bethlehem PA

Wind Creek PLA Project Bethlehem PA

Wind Creek PLA Project Bethlehem PA

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