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Project Labor Agreements: The Inside Track to Responsible Development and Higher Profits

Author: Carpenter Contractor Trust     Posted On: 09/27/2021
What management policy attracts reliable talent, ensures meeting your project deadline, reduces conflict and boosts your bottom line? Consider a project labor agreement (PLA).

Sweeney-Scutari NJ Bill Extends Project Labor Agreements

Author: Insider New Jersey     Posted On: 09/23/2021
Trenton – The NJ Senate approved legislation sponsored by Senate President Steve Sweeney and Senator Nick Scutari that would extend the use of project labor agreements

Project Labor Agreements - The Best Approach For Industry

Author: AFL-CIO     Posted On: 09/23/2021
Building and construction trades workers are one of the hardest hit groups in the nation’s job crisis, they need PLA's.

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